Wednesday, 30 November 2011

compose yourself...

be calm ladies... because it just gets better and better each season, each time.. owh J'adore

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

oriental feel...

I am super blown away with this house interior decor. it is filled with oriental vibe and the style is looking so effortless, modern, very characterful and super Asia chic.

I love how the space has oriental antiques here and there and to make it modern.. the bright colour that really plays an important role in completing the mood of the house. it's so clever how the mandarin orange colour on the wall shelves and cushions with some pinks and purples just made the space more defined in its style.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

'Nutritional masterpiece'

few days ago i was talking to all my workmates about how crazy i am over papayas, yes.. I LOVE PAPAYAS like nobody's business, lol ;)

so today when i arrived work, Sophie brought me one.. sweetttt

for those who's really trying to lose weight, this is the ultimate fruit that could help you achieve your aim, but yes you do need to eat healthy as well and be active... GYM ladies, GYM!

papayas are rich in vitamin C, folate and potassium. Nutritionists say that papayas have 33% more vitamin C and 50% more potassium than oranges with fewer calories. papayas have 13 times more vitamin C and more than twice the potassium than apples. papayas have 4 times more vitamin E than both oranges and apples, that is why a lot of people who knows the nutritional benefits of this fruit would call it the 'nutritional masterpiece' and 'fruit of the angels'

other amazing plus stuff about this sweet yummy fruits are the fact that it's rich in Anti-oxidants and it's a secret ingredient for anti-ageing (I'm all in and a huge fan for anti-oxidants stuff and organics goodness), helps to tone the body muscles, contributing its share in cutting your body fat and toning the body after an exercise and most importantly it helps prevent cancer in organs and glands with epithelial tissue (ripe papaya)

the list is endless, just imagine how amazing your body will feel just by switching your diet. don't get me wrong, i do have my treat days but knowing and learning about what you put in your body is a priority to have a better quality life.

so, what are you all waiting for... INDULGE!!! :)

picture of the week...

me, kecak dance at uluwatu temple,Bali.. September 2011 :)

Courtney Cox's sanctuary

hello everybody..

just wanted to share with you something that i was browsing through Elle decor. I am completely in love with her aesthetic and mood in her house, it looks very simple yet has a very warm clean feel to it. i adore how she mixed modern with a bit of traditional style, glass with wood and stones, it looks very sculptural yet still soft :)

so yes, have a fantastic Thursday all xx

Friday, 7 October 2011

just because...

get your 'red' on girlies, just because... it's Friday and the weekend is going to be blissful :)

weather in London is getting cold now, but that should not stop you from adding some fire in fashion.. so go red! ;)

happy Friday everybody and have an awesome and firing weekend xx

must love white...

I love simplicity in a space but mine will surely has a twist of colourful colours just a little here and there.. and it has to look modern vintage.. french chic meets modern Manhattan, i also want to have a space in my dream house (insyaAllah, counting every pence and cents in my piggy coin box, lol) which will be sort of like a cultural gallery room. from the places that is very dear to my heart, memorable and my happiest time and places that are just full of culture and has its own signature in design element.

and yes.. hard work, patience, sacrifices are much needed to make it happen and of course praying for content and successful future..always.. insyaAllah :)